Introducing Book’n It, Baby!

You’re a new parent or grandparent. Congratulations! I recently became a grandparent too! What a joy! You know the value of reading to your kids. It’s hard to decide what children’s books to buy and what stories will convey the kinds of values you want to instill in your little ones. What to do, what to do?

Here’s a thought! Why not work on your own children’s book for your little one(s)?

  1. Creating and self-publishing your own children’s book can be fun and affordable! The children’s book market is by far the most difficult to break into as an author. I will get you from concept to a book you can hold in your hand AND market through various channels.
  2. I will coach you through the writing process and illustrate your one-of-a-kind story for someone you love. Then, I take your book to print through You control the style and price of the book and where it goes once it’s completed!
  3. My fees are reasonable and negotiated up front so there are no surprises (except for the looks on the faces of those who never knew you had it in you to write a book!).

Here’s how it all happens!

  1. We set up a free no-obligation consult and walk through the entire process. We get as far down into the weeds as you want to go!
  2. When you are ready you sign on the dotted line (simple contract outlining who is responsible for what and when, the fixed cost, and other nuts and bolts). You didn’t think I’d do this out of the sheer kindness of my own heart, did you?
  3. We start!
  4. During the creative process we communicate ideas and such frequently through email and phone calls. It is not possible to over-communicate with each other!
  5. We celebrate!
  6. You start on your next book with Book’n It, Baby!

Let me know when you want that free consult! Email me at Go on! Wait are you waiting for? Your readers are waiting J


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