ABIDE” John 15

A powerful SandArtistry Event for Your Congregation

I believe God has given me the gift of artistic creativity, and specifically the medium of sand art, to be a positive catalyst for change in the world and inspire others toward faith-filled and imaginative living.

In response to this calling I have created a one-hour event that incorporates two 15 minute SandArtistry performances with a message in between from John 15 that will encourage your people to abide in God.

Lately, God has been speaking to me through John 15 when Jesus said, “Abide in me as I abide in you…because apart from me you can do nothing…NO thing.” In these anxious and often fearful times I believe Jesus is calling us to learn how to abide in him. To abide is to open ourselves more fully to the reality of God in, around and through us. Abiding is taking up our home in God and God in us. To abide is to live without fear, worry, mistrust and lack of purpose. Abiding is to see and celebrate the love and presence of God in everyone around us AND to live for justice, mercy and peace for ALL God’s children.

I would love to share this timely message of encouragement with your group.

Let me know if I can use my gifts to help you ABIDE. Send me an email to schedule ABIDE with your group: gshock@me.com or visit my website at garyshockley.wordpress.com.


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