Released April 2011

Self-published: CreateSpace

ISBN: 978-1456526214

Father Nate Hawthorn is pushed over the edge of burn-out and faithlessness when his only son Justin, a high school senior, is killed in a car accident. Nate’s already strained marriage to Toni, a beautiful and successful environmental attorney, completely fractures leaving Nate feeling utterly abandoned and alone.

Nate has given up all hope in himself, his friends, his church, and God when a frantic call from a stranger pleading for help leads him through a paralyzing snow storm to a nearby coffee shop when he discovers it is his life that depends on this mysterious meeting. A homeless woman named Michelle offers Nate a gift that can transform his miserable life if he chooses to accept it.

Eye of the Beholder is an intriguing and fast-paced spiritual novel that will have you thinking about your own life, your relationship with loved ones, and how God’s grace through others can become the foundation for your own joyful and meaningful life.

Eye of the Beholder is  a novel of hope, triumph, and transformation.

This book is available for purchase in book or Kindle format at Click here.

To receive a Free chapter of the sequel, “Red At Night”, to find out if Nate and Toni get back together and if Nate’s encounter with a heavenly messenger was merely a dream, click on the “Leave a Comment” link above and leave your name AND email address in the reply/comment box. I will send the next chapter as a Word document. Blessings!


Reader Reviews:

I wasn’t just reading the story – I was experiencing it!, May 16, 2011
By Phyllis (Arizona, USA)

This was an easy read that evoked high emotion. It exposes the human reality of spiritual leaders we often expect to be super-human–while they live, love and bleed just like we do. The book has earned long-term space on my shelf so that I can re-read when I need a reminder that people come and go in our lives for all kinds of reasons. Looking forward to the next in the Father Nate series!

Great story!, May 15, 2011
By Rich (Pennsylvania)

What a wonderful story! I got lost in the story and could not put this down. The characters are believable and likable, which has always been important for me when reading fiction.

As I journeyed with Father Nate Hawthorn our stories seemed to become one at times. I found myself turning page after page to find out where we were headed next in this journey together. It deals with the realities of life in a way that most anyone can relate to. There are no easy answers, no cheap stunts, and the ending will leave you wanting more. I look forward to the next chapter in Father Nate’s life.

Love this book!, May 15, 2011
By Kim (Nashville)

Eye of the Beholder by Gary Shockley is a great read! It is inspiring and touching. A great redemption story!

Eye of the Beholder a great read!!, May 19, 2011
By Catherine (LA)

Eye of the Beholder grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you engaged throughout the story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

I Loved It! June 18, 2011                                                                                                   Mimi (Western PA)

Hi, Gary! Just had to let you know that I just finished your book, and I loved it!!! To be honest, I have it on my iPad and I kept trying to turn the last page because I wanted more! Will definitely be bringing it up to our small group as a possible book for discussion.


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