SandArtistry and Visual Arts by Gary


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

Welcome to my online gallery!  If you live near Gastonia, NC I invite you to visit my personal studio at Arts on Main at 212 West Main Avenue, Gastonia NC 28052.

Since I do not have “regular” hours in the studio you may want to call ahead to make an appointment 704-577-0021 or send me an email at

In addition to the work you’ll find here I do consider commissioned pieces as well.

About Gary

I was 8 years old when an artist friend of my mother’s found me mixing colors and painting outside the lines on a Paint by Number sailboat kit prompting her to invite me to take oil painting classes in her basement studio alongside a group of adult students. Her generosity ignited the creative spark she saw in me and set me on a journey of continual discovery and artistic expression.

Over the years my love for art and subsequent experimentation in nearly every medium has fueled a passion in me to observe creation in all it’s light and shadows and strive to capture some of the essence of its beauty on paper, canvas and wood. As my painting style continues to evolve my goal with each work is not to attain a literal rendering of what I see but instead to capture and convey its essence to share with others.



SandArtistry- View Performance Promo Video

An innovative performance art story telling medium for your next venue! Exciting and riveting visuals and music for ALL ages and audience sizes.

Scheduling performances for 2017 now!

FullSizeRender 2

Recent Performance Sample: Lady Liberty Weeps


My 90 second live performance audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12

Visual Arts

See something you like?  Send me an email for prices (  


Omran of Aleppo, Syria

48″x36″ oil on canvas


St. Julian of Norwich (commissioned work) SOLD

36″ x 24″ watercolor on 180 lb. paper


Old Friends- Chincoteaque Island, VA

11″x 13″ watercolor en plein air


Main Street Stroll- Chincoteaque Island, VA

11″x 13″ watercolor en plein air   SOLD


Fresh Produce- Chincoteaque Island VA  SOLD

11″x 13″ watercolor en plein air


Causeway- Chincoteaque Island, VA

11″ x 13″ watercolor en plein air


Spirit Rising

12″ X 16″  Oil on panel. Based on En Plein Air painting in Iona, Scotland



16″ X 20″ oil on panel           SOLD!

hay bale


12″ X 16″ Oil on Panel Framed


Monet’s Garden– Giverney, France (NFS)

8″ X 10″ En Plein Air Watercolor


Colored Pencil Red Oak Leaf          SOLD!

final destination framed

Final Destination

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil  Matted/framed original and limited edition hand embellished prints.

IMG_1025 FullSizeRender

Music Box (in the Steampunk genre)

Medium size older playable acoustic guitar.

More originals….

Industrial Jazz

Industrial Jazz

20″ X 24″ Oil on canvas

*Giclee matted/framed signed reproductions available.


Ever Vigilant 

20″ X 26″ Acrylic hand embellished reproduction on gallery wrapped canvas



Quiet Contemplation

20″ X 23″ Colored Pencil. Triple matted and framed original. Matted/framed signed numbered hand embellished print available.



Morning Light

12″ X 16″ Oil on panel. Framed and ready to hang!




12″ X 16″ Oil on panel. Framed and ready to hang!




14″ X 16″ Oil on Canvas

single boat


14″ X 16″ Oil on Canvas

Autumn Splendor- Oils

Autumn Splendor Natural View Juried Art Show Award Winning 2015 24″ X 36″ original

Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclees on heavy watercolor. Framed and matted available.



8″ X 10″   Colored Pencil framed original.

Unknown 3


8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed original.

Unknown 2

Winter Pine

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed original.


Fall Glory

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed, numbered and signed print available



21″ X 28″ Oil on Canvas. 2009 En Plein Air painting Venice Beach, FL


Sunflower Burst  First Place Show Winner 2014

12″ X 24″ Oil on Canvas


Sunflower  First Place Show Winner 2014!

24″ X 36″ Oil on Canvas




2 thoughts

  1. Wow, Gary! I had no idea, in the short time I was around you, that you are such a multidimensional person. Your artwork is wonderful. You serve God in so many marvelous ways. Thank you!

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