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cropped-img_0020-e1580502996354.jpgGary is an award-winning artist, author, children’s book illustrator and Sand Art performer. Having grown up near the Delaware Bay, Gary took an immediate liking to sculpting and drawing images in sand that caught the attention of beach combers passing by. Over the years, Gary developed proficiency in nearly every painting medium.

More recently, Gary has been writing, illustrating and publishing children’s books that place a high premium on healthy values such as compassion, empathy, and acceptance of self and others as God’s beloved children.

Gary’s much sought after children’s book on loss and grief, My Heart Sings a Sad Song, has been endorsed by over 20 mental health professionals. Just Be! is the newest release and about three friends and a turtle who experience and express basic emotions in healthy ways. Just Be! promotes compassion, empathy and acceptance of self and others. Available through online book sellers and at


SandArtistry and HopeSpring Studios are located in Carlisle, PA. I do not have “regular” hours in the studio so I invite you to call or email me and make an appointment for a showing. 704-577-0021


The Ancient/Future Stylistic Beauty of SandArtistry

Captivating, stunning, magical, and inspiring are just a few words used to describe what SandArtistry performer Gary Shockley does in his innovative art form designed especially for civic, corporate and non-profit organizations including YMCAs, youth conferences, national gatherings, retreats, religious services and corporate events across the country.

Gaston CollegeLike a multi-act play, this ever changing and fast-paced art form is accompanied by original music soundtracks created for each performance. Viewers of every age are glued to the stage and screens as they watch and wonder where Gary is going next.

Several years ago Gary was inspired to create the tools necessary to turn his sand table into a vehicle for visual story telling that thrills and inspires audience of all sizes. Gary recently innovated the technology that made it possible to incorporate animation sequences in his sand art performances gaining him an audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12 and distinguishing from other sand art practitioners in the world.

Gary lives In Boiling Springs PA and, when he is not traveling or painting outside somewhere in nature, creates inspiring works of art in his studio.

SandArtistry- View Sample Videos

An innovative performance art story telling medium that inspires, challenges, and captivates people from all walks of life. Exciting and riveting visuals and music for ALL ages and audience sizes. Corporate, civic, religious engagements and private events are where the magic happens! I’d love to be a part of your next event!

Email Gary for more information and open dates:

90 Second Performance Audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12

Healthcare Corporate Event portraying their mission

Brief promotional video.   .

FullSizeRender 2

What Clients Say About SandArtistry

Our folks were captivated and spellbound by the artistry and music of the program Gary specially designed for our Christmas Celebration!  B.B. Myers Park, NC

Gary Shockley is a gifted artist and communicator whose SandArtistry defies easy categorization. His performance provides an experience enhanced beyond measure by the astonishing use of sand, light and soundM.G., PhD, Global author and speaker

Gary’s SandArtistry captured our heathcare organization’s mission and heart in a unique and powerful way. Our more than 500 employees and corporate leaders were quickly drawn into the elegant sand animation leaving them in awe and most importantly, inspired. SandArtistry and the storytelling of Gary Shockley was magical!   Dr. V.F., RN, ND,  C.O.O. Gaston Family Health Services

Gary’s presentation was the highlight of our student’s summer learning experience. It was engaging, entertaining and educational all rolled together into one. The appeal and adaptability of SandArtistry is amazing. Children as young as six loved it and the teachers and staff were equally mesmerized. What a great vehicle for education and inspiration!  D.B. Director of Social Responsibility YMCA

Working with Gary was a smooth process with great responsiveness. His demonstrations, every fifteen minutes throughout the day, were held at our school arts festival with hundreds of children and parents. Gary took the time after each performance to answer questions and invite people to play in the sand to experience a new art form. We loved having Gary at our event.  N. P., Staff Piedmont Charter School.

Gary’s SandArtistry exceeded all of our expectations. People of all ages were captivated as the stories he shared were brought to life through this amazing medium. I personally felt immersed from beginning to end and felt a sense of personal renewal by the time it was over. I highly recommend SandArtistry. It can be adapted to all ages and group sizes.  L.S., Public School Teacher, Ohio

Email Gary for more information and open dates:

Children’s Book Creations

My Heart Sings a Sad Song– a child grieves the death of a loved one (released April,  2020)

Just Be!- three friends, and their turtle, experience and express emotion in healthy ways and experience compassion toward self and others. (released September, 2020)

lowrezheartlowrezJust Be

Mermaids and Princesses and Memories– Released 2019


Believing Thomas- Released 2017


When Dinosaurs Dance- released 2016


The Princess and the Dragon- released 2017


Visual Art Offerings

Pondering Still 

nativity large print.jpg

Digital Media. Prints available in various sizes.

Mary’s Reflection


Digital Media. Prints available in various sizes

Red Bud Blessings

Red Bud Blessing

Oils. 30″x40″ on canvas. Prints available

My Back Yard View


Watercolor. 10″X12″ Original and prints available

Snowy Barn

Snowy Barn

Watercolor. 8″x14″ Original and prints available

Winter’s Cabin


Watercolor. 8″x10″ Original and prints available

Quiet’s Moment


Watercolor. 8″x10″ Original and prints available

Winter’s Dance


Acrylic. 14″x18″ framed original available. Unframed prints of various sizes available.

Down By the Lake


Acrylic. 12″x15″ Framed Original Available. Prints available in various sizes.

Let’s Go Get a Pumpkin!


Acrylic. 16″x20″ Framed Original available. Prints available in various sizes

Peaceful Splendor


Oils. 16″x18″ Framed Original Available. Prints available.

Colorado Waterfall


Oils. 12″x16″ Framed Original and Prints available

Dragonfly Dance


Watercolor original (sold) Prints available



Digital Media. Prints available

In the Gospel of St. Luke is the story of ten lepers whom Jesus healed and sent away to the religious leaders to verify this and remove the social stigma and prohibitions against them. Of the ten, only one returned to give thanks.



Acrylic. 16″x20″ on panel. Original and prints available.

Thin Space

Thin Space

Watercolor. 16×20 framed original and prints available.

Jupiter Waltz

jupiter waltz

Oil on Canvas, 18×24  (SOLD)

Inspired by recent satellite images of Jupiter’s surface.

Syria’s Child: Omran Daqneesh of Aleppo.

Aleppos Children

Oil on canvas. 48×36.  Original and prints available.

Omran and his family were bombed during military strikes on the city of Aleppo. Five year old Omran survived and was plucked from the rubble. This oil painting was selected by Edinburgh University of Edinburgh Scotland for their global initiative, Lights for Aleppo Campaign.

St. Julian of Norwich


Watercolor 36″ x 24″ Original is SOLD. Prints are available.

Spirit’s Rising


Oil on panel. 12″ X 16″  based on En Plein painting I did while in Iona, Scotland. The wild goose is the Celtic symbol for the Holy Spirit. While painting I stepped back and noticed a wild goose rising in the painting, completely unintended joy!  Original and prints are available.



Oils en plein air on 16″ X 20″ panel. Original is sold but prints are available.

Sabbath Warmth

hay bale

Oil on panel. 12″ X 16″ en plein air painting. Framed

Global Travel Series

Monet’s Garden– Giverney, France


8″ X 10″ En Plein Air Watercolor. Prints available.

Blarney Castle, Ireland


Nunery, Iona Scotland


Martyrs Bay, Iona Scotland


Staffa Island, Scotland


Iona, Scotland


St. Columba Bay, Iona Scotland


Cork Ireland




Old Library, Chincoteaque Island, VA


11″x 13″ Watercolor En Plein Air. Original and prints available

Main Street Stroll- Chincoteaque Island, VA


11″x 13″ watercolor en plein air. Original SOLD. Prints available

Fresh Produce– Chincoteaque Island VA


11″x 13″ Watercolor En Plein Air  Original SOLD. Prints available.

Causeway– Chincoteaque Island, VA


11″ x 13″ Watercolor En Plein Air. Original SOLD. Prints available.

Final Destination

final destination framed

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil  Matted/framed. Original SOLD. Prints available.



20″ X 23″ Colored Pencil. Triple matted and framed original. Original and prints are available.

Winter Series

Morning Light 


12″ X 16″ Oil on panel. SOLD



12″ X 16″ Oil on panel. SOLD

Silent Morn


18×20 Acrylic on Canvas  SOLD

Industrial Jazz


Oil on Canvas    (Western PA Steel Mill) SOLD

Spring and Summer Series



14″ X 16″ Oil on Canvas


single boat

14″ X 16″ Oil on Canvas  SOLD

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor- Oils

Natural View Juried Art Show Award Winning 2015 24″ X 36″ original. Prints available.

Sunflower (Summer)


8″ X 10″   Colored Pencil framed original and prints available.

Tulips (Spring)

Unknown 3

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed original and prints available.

Winter Pine (Winter)

Unknown 2

8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed original and prints available.

Fall Glory


8″ X 10″ Colored Pencil framed, numbered and signed print available.



21″ X 28″ Oil on Canvas. 2009 En Plein Air painting Venice Beach, FL SOLD

Sunflower Triple Set


First Place Show Winner 2014

12″ X 24″ Oil on Canvas. Prints available


24″ X 36″ Oil on Canvas. Prints available.

Apples to Apples  

Apples to Apples

11″x14″ oil on canvas


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